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  FC Volley was founded 28.07.2001. in Vrnjacka Banja and registrated in Ministry of education and sport as fact 9427. FC Volley includes a football school for boys ages 7 to 14, and more then 100 kids successfully attende this school .

FC Volley founders are Goran Vuceljic and Vladimir Belic.

Goran Vuceljic was born 25.04.1967. in Vrnjacka Banja. As one of the greatest talents ever born in Vrnjacka Banja, he successfully played in all selections in FC Goc and also played in its best team in which he proved his talent. After playing in FC Zmaj in Zemun, he came back home where he founded FC Maslacak. He was a president, captain and player in this club.

FC Maslacak was 4 times league champion and Goran was the best player at the same time. The lack of money and the some bed winds helped to blow Maslacak to history but his love to football was still strong!

Today, he is a president of FC Volley and a coach with the knowledge and experience! He successfully plays indoor football for himself and his borntown Vrnjacka Banja.

Vladimir Belic was born 01.11.1968. in Kraljevo. He successfully played for all younger selections in FC Goc until he began studying mechanical engineering in Belgrade. He continues active playing in FC Zmaj for about 4 years. One season he was practicing in OFK Beograd. 1997th graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, department of Thermal Engineering with grade 10, and after graduation continued his career in FC Maslacak and ends in 1998. in FC Goc.

In the meantime, write College coaching school - football department at the Faculty of Physical Education in Novi Sad and graduated in June 1998. with grade 10 in the class of proffesor Radivoj Radosav.

Since 1.11.2007. owner of the UEFA B coaching license.










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